Retreat into Soulful Creativity

DECEMBER 10, 2017


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Experience a combination of shamanic ceremony and practice as we experience the Creativity Cleanse.

Susan Palmieri will facilitate information,techniques, transmissions and ceremonies to help balance mind-body-spirit and assist self-realization. We will be communing with the Earth and Stars to assist personal, spiritual cleansing.

Activities center around purification, harmonization and activation of the Living Energy contained within the human body.

We will journey into the cave of the heart, commune with Mother Nature in her pristine form receive energetic downloads.

Participants have the opportunity to create art and photography that shows the inner side of our feminine connections.  

This is important as we reawaken our higher connections and strengthen soulful relationships.

e will be holding the retreat at THE CLEARING : Center for Well Being. 

We will serve warm tea and snacks with expressive music.

$25 in advance of December 10.

Once you decide this sounds good to you, start collecting : broken jewelry, old makeup, leftovers yarns, an old denim jacket.

You provide found objects for your headdress or wand (stones, bones, beads, feather...), headdress (ribbons, leather, coffee beans, chains, broken jewelry, stones, gems, feathers..) despacho (dried flowers and natural dried foods), and collage.  

We provide a variety of papers, paint and fabric, as well as inspiration and guidance.

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Fall, 2016

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Ponferrada, Spain - September 24- October 9, 2016

Airfare, meals, and accommodations not included.  This journey is one of a personal transformative nature.  You do not need a guide to tell you how far or fast to walk.  You will not need a guide to ask you to look into your heart or mind along the Way.  Your spiritual guides will walk with you, along with many pilgriims who make this journey year-round. 
Nightly expenses at albergues along the route can range from EURO 10-20.  We will send details about what to pack and how to traverse this glorious pilgrimage.  Group rates will make expenses lighter.  The minimal tour fee covers the communications and information costs to make this tour possible.  Inquire. 
Suggested ITINERARY : Consider walking 5-12 miles per day.  Guidebooks and othert "pilgrims" will join you as you enter onto this spiritual path.  Contact us for more details.



Other Adventures : Local and Distance

  1.   Shaman Cafe
    Shaman Cafe
    Check in here to subscribe to our detox remedies, and nutritional support. As you ascend, learn to use foods, herbs and plants, flowers and essences, essential oils, crystal and mineral elixirs to support your higher frequencies.
  2.   Journey
    Journeying is a way of communicating with your inner or spirit self and retrieving information. Schedule a time for us to journey together.
  3.   Vision Quest
    Vision Quest
    Can't join an expedition? You will be directed to a power place near your home, based on astrology and geological power places. You will be given rituals and ceremonies to perform. You receive a power animal and totems for your journey. Pachamama will make her voice resound and humanity will be the Manifestation of Freedom, Love and Light. We know that all paths lead sooner or later to the Light and that if we don’t go to the Light, it will come to us.
  4.   Wisdomkeepers
    This group meets monthly to receive teachings and nine transmission rites of the Q'ero Inka. You can join us in person, or at a distance. Trips to Peru optional.