Why I do business with Needlerock Farms
Needlerock owners, Julia and Adam Desmond, and managing partner, Sandy Fuller put the health of people and the planet over profits.  

Needle Rock Farms was grown out of a desire to provide premium quality CBD products using organic, sustainable farming practices.

Their state-of-the-art outdoor grow facility uses only mountain spring water from onsite springs and creeks, embodying the true spirit of Colorado.

Needlerock is a sacred land, and the Desmonds continue to provide healing energies and ceremony (prayer medicines) to the seeds, the young plants, the fields as they mature and the entire manufacturing process is sacredly managed.  Health before profits.

They provide the absolute highest quality CBD available for the health and healing of humanity, and use the land to facilitate the Awakening in consciousness of humanity.
This is Needlerock Farms in Crawford, Colorado.