Developing a Holopathic Healing Plan & CREATING MIRACLES™
A simple opening exercise to facilitate awareness of what is unbalanced in your life. 

Introduction to Creating Miracles™

Susan Palmieri, Ph.D. October, 2000. 
All rights reserved. 

Based on my doctoral dissertation, I created this chart to illustrate the many dimensions of "disease" that can affect our well being.
Why take more Vitamin C when it might be your relationships that need healing?

This is the first of several exercises in a series called, "Creating Miracles."

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Creating Miracles™
Level One (7 sessions,1 hour each)  
Susan Palmieri, Ph.D., Author & Facilitator

Session 1: Miracle Point : The Medicine Wheel (2 hours)

Students observe the interaction of ten aspects of Self ~ the interplay of Spirit, Emotion, Mind, Personality, Body, Family, Social, Career, Finance, and Universal.  Using a simple medicine wheel, you evaluate your health in each area.  This session teaches skills for WELL BEING, and how to incorporate these into daily practice.

Session 2:  Coming to Terms With Self 

To perceive the world differently, you must be willing to change your belief system, let the past slip away, and dissolve the fears in your mind.  Regardless of your prior experience in spiritual evolution or personal transformative practice, these sessions are designed to upgrade your Operating System.

Session 3: Defining Boundaries:  What Drains You?  

Awareness is defined by how much of yourself you are willing to see.  Your consciousness defines your immunity, pain and stress management.  In this session, you focus on Energy Management.  You look at people and events in your life that enhance your WELL BEING, and reinforce a life based on "being" rather than "doing."

Session 4: Self Love, Forgiveness and Compassion   

How deep is the well of your compassion?  When you learn to act from the heart, you discover that your own mind and spirit can be in conflict.  Discover your own inner wisdom, and heal your relationship with yourself. Changing your attitudes brings peace, joy and health.

Session 5: Matters of Life and Death 

Examine your relationship with time and energy.  Being attentive to your thoughts that are "killing me" "making me sick" "meeting deadlines" is the path towards recovery of WELL BEING and perfect health.

Session 6: Attitudinal Healing

Health is inner peace.  This class will teach you how to tame the dragons that live in your home, workplace,  and community.  Learn to go beyond assertiveness training to shift woundedness to wellness.

Session 7: Accessing Your Higher Power & Inner Guidance

There is a great power within you that guides you to personal growth, and there is a Source greater than you may know.  These energies are intelligent and they assist you in accessing wisdom and wellness.  Based on the needs of the group, you will learn ways to transmit and receive higher energies.

Introduction to Creating Miracles™, Susan Palmieri, Ph.D. October, 2000.  All rights reserved.