El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Ponferrada, Spain - September 24- October 9

Airfare, meals, and accommodations not included.  This journey is one of a personal transformative nature.  You do not need a guide to tell you how far or fast to walk.  You will not need a guide to ask you to look into your heart or mind along the Way.  Your spiritual guides will walk with you, along with many pilgriims who make this journey year-round. 
Nightly expenses at albergues along the route can range from EURO 10-20.  We will send details about what to pack and how to traverse this glorious pilgrimage.  Group rates will make expenses lighter.  The minimal tour fee covers the communications and information costs to make this tour possible.  Inquire. 
Suggested ITINERARY : Consider walking 5-12 miles per day.  Guidebooks and othert "pilgrims" will join you as you enter onto this spiritual path.  Contact us for more details.

DAY ONE :  Flight from Madrid; Travel to Ponferrada 
DAY TWO : Ponferrada to Villafranca
With little but small villages and hostels along the trail we leave early and have a long day of hiking until the beautiful little town of Villafranca Del Bierzo and it’s full range of services. 5 miles
DAY THREE –  Villafranca to Las Herrerias
We begin our slow accent to the ancient hamlet of Las Herrerias that stretches along the river. It’s name is derived from the iron foundry whose furnaces have long since disappeared. 12 miles
DAY FOUR :  Las Herrerias to O’Cebreio
Today is our steepest hike in the entire pilgrimage but the climb is rewarded with stunning views along the Valcarce valley. We wind our way through quaint riverside villages with simple stone architecture and fountains and as we start our ascent. We will stop to give thanks to the earth and heavens many times and hold a place of peace and self love in our hearts and minds. 5 miles
DAY FIVE : O’Cebreio to Triacastela
While our next leg is mostly downhill we want to be mindful as we spend the day descending towards Triacastela. We hike through delightful forest above the albergue and wind around hills as we walk through small hamlets on the ancient camino worn down with the feet of countless pilgrims to the town of the three castles. 12.5 miles

DAY SIX : Triacastela to Sarria
Triacastela is the town of the three castles and in important stop for medieval pilgrims coming down off the mountain. We will take the northern direct route to Sarria. The town is the starting place of “new” pilgrims and from this point the route becomes crowded with new arrivals and provides us an opportunity to welcome all we meet without judgment. 11 miles
DAY SEVEN :  Sarria to Portomarin
We start early. The majority of today is on lovely woodland paths and gravel track. We will pass through many small hamlets that seem to blend seamlessly on into the next. We’ll have the chance to stop at one of the local cafes for refreshment along the way. 14 miles
DAY EIGHT : Portomarin to Palas De Rei

A long day of varied terrain as we start by climbing up through woodland around the Embalse
de Belesar to join the main road which we have to cross on several occasions before leaving it
to climb the Sierra Ligonde descending to Portos. We finally drop down to Palais de Rei. We
will be tourist and pilgrim in an altered state, seeking sacred sties and committed to in-sight
and the inner mystery. 16 miles

Day NINE – Palais De Rei to Ribadisio Da Baixo

Today we cross 6 shallow river valleys and pathways that meander through delightful woodland.
We cross the busy N-547 and continue to find our stillness all the way to Arzua. If time we will
explore the historic old town of Melide.  14.2 miles

Day TEN – Ribadisio Da Baixo to Pedrouzo

Most of this day is spent on natural pathways with good shade offered by the ubiquitous
eucalyptus. We start with a steep climb up into Arzua and end with a gentle climb around the
alto de Santa Irene. Today gives us time to insure we are planning for our onward journey in life. 13 miles

Day ELEVEN – Pedrouzo to Santiago

The first part of our walk is through the dense and ever-present eucalyptus and as we get nearer
the city, asphalt and crowds challenging us to create an air of compassionate detachment. Be
patient and prepare for the long slog on pavement up to Monte Gozo and a visit to the
cathedral. We will check in at the pilgrim office for our final certificate of completion
Compostela. 12.5 miles 

Day TWELVE - Pilgrim's Mass at Santiago de Compostela

Day THIRTEEN Santiago to USA