Bands of Power : First Transmission Rite

THE CLEARING : Center for Well Being   9141 West Lisbon Avenue     Milwaukee, WI 53222

Join us for a delightful opportunity to learn how to handle energies and about the unconditional love of everything that surrounds us and the universe - Tukuy Munakuyniyoq.

We will include basic practices necessary to ground and protect your energy field and the sacred space in which you live and work.  These teachings are so simple, and yet, will change your approach to your creative process and your lifeways.

The Bands of Power are a transmission, much like Reiki or Huna, that are installed in your luminous field and allows you to harness and store the five elemental energies - earth, water, fire, air and pure light.  You will have the dispensation to offer this rite to others after the ceremony.

​We also participate in a despacho ceremony, which teaches us to show gratitutde for all that we are given.  The exchange for this ceremony is $25 for the Center, red and white votive candles for Spirit, a dish to pass (organic only - much better to share a single organic lemon than to bring chips and salsa from the gas station) and a gift for the teacher.

Dr. Susan is a masterful teacher who embodies what she teaches and encourages one to work with confidence, faith and love in what one is doing. She knows that the most profound comprehension comes with regular practice in harmony with the life force within and beyond our beautiful Earth.