What I Learned From the Ancients

Dr. Susan Palmieri, October 25, 2017
​There is symbolism hidden in plain sight all over the globe, in modern and ancient texts, in statues, buildings, fabrics, music, and art.  There's a reason for all of the patterns.  In some cases, the art or building has been built as a type of stargate, or portals to other places and dimensions.

Some places are so electromagnetically and electrically charged that they are designed to transport us to another system.  Because the destination is "pure light" it is often difficult to photograph or chronicle.

We have heard for centuries that a spiritual aspirant goes into a cave for three days and somehow is transformed to a light being.  Is the cave a portal?  

The Great Pyramid in Giza is itself is considered by many to be a resurrection machine, a stargate.  What if the pyramids were known at the time of Jesus to be a way to evolve into a light or star being?  At one point, the iconography of Jesus shows him in a circle, surrounded by light and stars, with other simple symbols of the keys to transfiguration.

Modern day astrophysics and quantum physics are just beginning to translate the esoteric spiritual concepts into scientific terminology such as wormholes, particle physics, and exotic matter. Consider the ceiling in Temple of Dendera, in Egypt, which is usually called "primitive art."  These were drawn 3500 years ago.  

This depicts the Ship of Millions of Years, the spiritual aspirants are riding on the ships of eternity, sailing into the stars.