Ask Lisa Lacy

Stone & Crystal Consultations  $60 
As we humans vibrate on various frequencies, so does the energy from stones. Another tool in Lisa Lacy's bag is tuning in to stone energies and using their metaphysical properties for healing. 

Based upon your frequency, Lisa will suggest a list of stones and help you find them. The laying-on of stones is also explained. 

Lisa offers classes in programming crystals and special stone combinations for healing. 

Please send email to [email protected] or call (414) 391-2621 to set up a consultation or class.
A crystal healing brings clarity and awareness, and if we pay attention, opportunity to make changes and reparations in our lives, allowing for more joy and ease.

Massage and Energy Work

Schedule a 60 or 90 minute session with massage, advanced energy work, aromatherapy,
reflexology or crystal healing.