Doña Teresa

Special Prayers

​Doña Teresa teaches us to create living altars and to recite SPECIAL PRAYERS.  She reminds us to do everything with intention and integrity, with beauty. While you are creating your altar with candles, flower petals, paint, icons, stones, and whatever calls to your fancy, talk to her:

"I love how the energy is releasing is during SPECIAL PRAYERS!  Every release is soooo sweet!  With every breath I take, I feel the energy turning into light.  No drama.  The only emotions I feel are sweetness, joy, a giggle or two, a happy memory! My SPECIAL PRAYERS end in an overwhelm of gratitude! 

"Oh, I forgot to mention how when I practice my SPECIAL PRAYERS, my pets stick to me like glue. It's like they too are releasing their special prayers.  My children, my family and my friends seem to have a sense of holiness when I do my SPECIAL PRAYERS. 

"I don't know if you remember, Doña Teresa, when I asked you for a sign before making my first altar?  I mentioned that I have had to let go of soooo many people, places, and things, to sort through in my mind, and I wanted your help to bring in something NEW.  I have been learning and practicing and now I ask that you please guide me directly to bring in this release and pure lightness and joy!
" I have to give huge thanks to you once again! I am so happy with my speedy evolution through difficulties and into greater integration and wholeness. I am seeing abundance of positive energy and support to my family and friends, and in my work. Thank you for encouraging me to move forward and keep learning more every day, in joy!!

"Divine Doña Teresa, I am really grateful also for the help in changing my bad habits into good ones! 

"I am feeling the Divine showering of love and light within me and a lot of love today.  More than all the other days.  It is very beautiful.  Thank you!

"I have felt a deepening of self love and what I can only call a profound healing of old mental blocks to feeling love.  I deep breathe this beautiful energy into my being!

" I too have felt more grace, more ease, and a shift into the core energy that I am, more peace with the areas that have needed patience before,  and a more gentle releasing of what came before,  totally open and excited for the new! Wow!

"I have felt so calm in such an expansive way.  I feel extremely creative and have been inspired to more fully express my healing arts. Thank you, Doña Teresa!"