The Nusta Karpay : The Seven Goddesses of the Inka Andean Tradition

What can I expect to experience from receiving these rites?

The Nusta rites are given as energetic seeds of the Feminine Goddess Archetypes, and transmitted into your seven chakras and luminous energy field. The chakras are like the organs of our luminous energy field, and hold all our histories, as well as, our light and our shadow pieces.

As you receive and integrate the initiation of the Nusta rites, you begin to stir the contents of your chakras, bringing to the surface any parts of yourself that as of yet have not been healed or honored.

You will feel the impact of the Nusta immediately, but as with the cycles of the moon and the cycles in nature,

Her alchemy works in cycles through you.

The Nustas have gentle yet powerful energy; to deeply heal and restore the balance of feminine within us.

Through our connection to the Nustas, you awaken a deep rapport with the divine feminine, not only within yourself, but with the feminine in all of creation. Here, you also recognize and begin to heal your true relationship and connection to Mother Earth and all living beings. Through the powerful initiations of the rites you will experience a real “quickening” in your spiritual growth and personal healing.

The healing energy of the Nusta will help you strengthen your connection with all the feminine aspects within you and around you, on earth and the cosmos, through many layers.

These initiations have a deep effect, they support and accelerate your spiritual growth. They help you find a new balance with yourself, connected with the healing of Mother Earth.

These beautiful energies will help to heal the wounded ego, reduce many fears, guilt, and enable you to let go of the feeling of the need to control everything. It will allow you to be your own inner master again. The revitalised deep connection with All and unconditional love will lead you directly to your heart!

You can live in the new energy that is already present, but which has been hard to capture until now. First, we have to heal our old wounds, moving through the layers, gaining insights and growing our consciousness. Immediately, the flow of love will come as a constant companion in our life!

The Nusta Karpay will allow men to soften inside, while developing more empathy and getting more in tune again with their feelings and intuitions. These initiations will bring women into their own Goddess energy and the original deep femininity. 

The beautiful photos are the work of
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About the Nusta Karpay​
Nusta Karpay are Quechua words meaning ‘Seven Goddess Initiations’. These special, beautiful and authentic initiations are currently spreading around the World.

Who may receive the Nusta Karpay?

The Nusta Karpay Rites are open to both men and women, and are available to everyone regardless of their spiritual orientation. The Nusta Karpay are not only for those who have apprenticed in the Andean or other ancient spiritual traditions. They are for those who wish to heal the Divine Feminine within themselves, and carry that healing into the world, and for those who wish to bring greater peace and unity to our planet. 

What are the Nusta Karpay?

In the Andean spiritual tradition, the Nustas are the Goddesses and Sacred Archetypal Feminine energies of Nature. They are the original princesses of the Andean cosmology, and are sourced from the great mountains and sacred lakes in Peru.

They are also connected to other waters and mountains on our planet. In the Quechua language of the Andes, the word “Karpay” means a rite or ceremony of initiation.

The Nusta Karpay were gifted to us from the Andean Q’ero medicine women and men of Peru, via Don Mariano Quispe Flores in 2010. They recognized and responded to the cry of the Great Mother, Pachamama, to heal her wounds and imbalances.  I received the rites from Don Mariano in 2017. 

Since that time, I have been preparing the teachings in ways that each initiate can learn the ancestral stories, and know enough about the rites, and the intention and the ceremony that surround them.
The Q’ero medicine men and women understood that the surest way to bring harmony and balance back to our Mother Earth, Pachamama, and to bring ourselves into Right Relationship with the Pachamama and the sacred feminine was by gifting these ancient rites to re-introduce and elevate the Divine Feminine to her rightful place.

The wounds and imbalances of the Mother are reflected in our wounds and disharmony, and in the wounds and imbalances of humanity. 

You will notice that when you commit to the workshop, the Nusta begin to work within you.  

Be alert to their conversation, through your dreams, imaginings and experiences with nature.  
Who are the Seven Goddesses?
Mama Oqllo 
Mama Oqllo will help us grow up, and see who we are becoming. She will help us Increase in vitality, passion and physical security.  She will help us overcome hostility, anxiety, depression and lack of confidence in our future.

Doña Mujia
She is the goddess and spirit of the sea, and all flowers.  She clears heavy emotions & feelings into those of trusting and faith. She helps release jealousy, resentfulness, loneliness, and shyness. With the energies of water and flowers, she helps transform the heavy ego into light.

Mama Simona
Self-esteem, positive self-image, personal power, independence, happiness, in touch with one’s gift, alignment with cosmic personal path. Release dependency, lack of confidence, self-condemnation, hostility, aggression.

Doña Teresa
Loving, caring, generosity, selflessness, healing, nurturing, balanced, discerning. release indecision, paranoid, overly critical, manic depressive, moody, co-dependency.

Maria Saq'apana
Related to the condors and living in the Ausangate Mountain, Maria facilitates good communication & expression, creativity, inspiration, contentment, and living in the present. She helps clear thoughts of fear and shyness into harmonious, intuitive vision, clarity of thoughts & emotions. She is connected to the throat chakra, which is cleared during this transmission. 

Huana Huamanticlla
Integrated life, light energy, higher consciousness knowledge, connect to source, grounded in life’s purpose, release confusion and “fogginess”, reconnect / lessen feelings of disconnection.

Tomasa Huamanticlla
Sister of Huana Huamantikilla, they reside together. The Goddess of Freedom. The energy of this rite is ‘transformation and liberation’. This is the rite of transformation, it opens your crown chakra connecting you to your True Self. This rite is the integration of all the Nustas and their blessings.

You will also learn how to pass these rites on to others.
Currently, the Nustas Rites are available by group appointment,
or private sessions.

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I have been careful to teach what I personally learn, and not what I read about.  Any fault of translation is enirely mine.