All My Relations

  1. Managing Director
    Don Francisco Chura Flores, Peru 2012
    In the Sacred Valley of Peru, our expedition received the Hatun Karpay rites of Inka initiation.
  2. Managing Director
    Adolfo y Rodolfo, our Qanchi brothers at Lake Michigan, 2016
    Adolfo and Rodolfo Ttito Condori, dedicating their lives to teaching the spiritual practices of the Inka.
  3. Managing Director
    Mary Beth and Rich : Trail Markers
    My dear friends and students of the Great Mystery, they show me the trail when I am tired, or wander off.
  4. Managing Director
    Adolfo Ttito Condori y Susan
    Our brother Adolfo returns again to the United States sent from the sacred land of the Andes, with Dr. Susan Palmieri, in Boulder, CO, 2016.
  5. Managing Director
    Don Mariano Quispe Flores
    Blessed to have our teacher in Chicago, IL, for the Nustas Karpays, the rites for feminine energy and protection.
  6. Managing Director
    Jeffrey Wium and Adolfo Ttito Condori
    How does it get any better than these two together, calling up the Apus of the Rockies, Boulder, CO, 2016.
  7. Managing Director
    How will your life change after you plant the seeds?
  8. Managing Director
    Blackhawk Sunset
    Sunset at the Rockies, from Summer Solstice ceremony, 2016
Inka Shamanism

At the highest altitude in the Andes mountains, live direct descendants of the Inkan culture,
who were invaded by the Spanish conquistadores in the 1500's.

During that time, many people were forced into labor in gold and silver mines, but a few escaped into their "villages in the clouds" protected by the holy mountains, the apus.  These people survived, and protected the sacred rites and knowledge of the stars and the planet.  Other Inkan tribes who stayed behind were encouraged to forget their traditions and ideologies and adopt Christian teachings and values.

Hidden in the mountains, the Q'eros have been able to preserve and practice traditional healing and spiritual practices that honor our right relationship with the Earth and Star Nations.   We were not "cast out of the Garden, as sinners."  We were (are) caretakers of the Garden, our holy Mother Earth and our cosmic clans.  

The Q'ero had lived in their villages high in the Andes in virtual solitude from the world until their return in 1949. In that year, Oscar Nuñez del Prado, an anthropologist, was at a festival in Paucartambo, in southern Peru, when he met two Indians speaking fluent Quecha, the language of the Inkas. The first Western expedition to the Q'ero villages then occurred in 1955. 

Four years later, at the annual Feast of The Return of the Pleiades taking place in the Andes, the gathering of 70,000 pilgrims from South America were awed, and the crowd parted to let the Q'ero, unannounced and wearing the Inkan emblem of the sun, make their way forward to the mountain top to make known that the time of the prophecies was at hand.
They were welcomed by the assembly and were told,  "We've been waiting for you for 500 years."
Recently, Q'ero elders journeyed to North America in fulfillment of their prophecies.   This work continues today.  

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