Our Local Services

Dr. Susan Palmieri is the Director at THE CLEARING : Center for Well Being
9141 West Lisbon Avenue   Milwaukee,  WI  53222    


THE CLEARING provides nutrition, stress management, anti-aging, disease prevention and management, life extension, and counseling for BODY, MIND, SOUL AND SPIRIT.
Anyone experiencing physical challenges, spiritual awakening, blocked creativity, loss of purpose, stress, or simply seek to find one's sense of community or life purpose can benefit.  We take an entirely different approach by identifying, addressing and healing issues at their core.

Our faculty are professional therapists and educators specializing in massage and bodywork, including advanced energy medicine and transpersonal healing. We are presently open by appointment and by event.

Our focus is on teaching you how to prevent and manage disease, and how to clear, energize, protect and expand your personal and community power.  Thank you to the many practitioners and guest faculty who bring their wisdom to our community.
Dr. Susan Palmieri, Traditional Medicine, Advanced Energy Medicine, Practitioner Training, EPFX SCIO                                                                                                                                          (414) 215-9141  INFO/SCHEDULE
A Higher Frequency 
Lisa Lacy, LMT, Massage, Energy & Bodywork, Crystal Healing & Classes         (414) 391-2621    INFO/SCHEDULE
Pranic Healing Milwaukee
Olivia Kohl, Pranic Healing & Meditation, Practitioner Training                                (414) 534- 6070   INFO/SCHEDULE

Moonstone Massage 
Barbara Garrison, LMT & Reiki Master, Aromatherapy, Body Talk                            (414) 378-8867  INFO/SCHEDULE
Massage including Cranial Sacral Therapy

Manipura Healing Therapies
Marylisa Ayala, LMT, Massage, Skin Care, Supplements & Yoga                                (414) 241-9174  INFO/SCHEDULE​

Coming Up:  JANUARY, 2019
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